My Approach

Person Centred Therapy

I like to draw on a range of ways of working with clients depending on your preferences and needs. Talk therapy alone is a powerful thing and for some may be exactly what you want and we can work in that way. I love to bring in creative ways of working whenever possible and appropriate to support talk therapy. I have witnessed and experienced the value of creative activities over and over- the different insights they can offer and their therapeutic way of opening up a conversation when it feels difficult to find the words. Artistic ability isn’t at all necessary. Being open to hearing your subconscious, your authentic self and taking a different approach are much more important than drawing ability.

I work with clients from the age of 10 to any age. I offer counselling for anxiety, depression, grief, abuse, trauma, stress, family issues, bullying, relationship problems, body image, self-esteem and building confidence. However, I believe that counselling doesn’t only have to be for times of crisis and struggle. So if you want to understand yourself more, shake off some unwanted behaviours and grow as a person I am happy to walk that path with you.

You can learn more about person centred therapy by reading this article by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Walk and Talk Therapy

For me, nature heals.  Being outside, moving, breathing, hearing the sounds of the natural world, seeing it change around me all offer me, not only a feeling of calm but also a sense of clarity. The space to find a new perspective.

Walk and Talk therapy combines the healing power of the natural world with the power of talk therapy.  And for people who feel uncomfortable sitting down for a face-to-face session this offers a very gentle alternative.

I am lucky to live in the countryside – so close to open fields and a peaceful river.  I feel the therapeutic effects of both daily and I would love to share this with you.

Beautiful local Lincolnshire countryside ideal for walk and talk therapy sessions

Please get in touch if you’d like any more information about the therapy services I offer or if you would just like an informal chat to find out if they would meet your requirements.

Professional Qualifications

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and work to their ethical framework. In addition, I have a Level 5 qualification in Counselling and Psychotherapy and am fully insured.


Relationship is everything in counselling so I offer a free 30 minute consultation either in person or on the phone so that you can have the chance to decide if I’m the right person for you. After that sessions are £40.00 for 50 minutes. 

Free Consultation

A free 30 minute consultation either in person or on the phone so that you can have the chance to decide if I’m the right person for you

Counselling Sessions

One-to-One 50 minute counselling session.